Holistic help for pain

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I help people get happier and healthier by addressing emotional and physical pain issues.

From anxiety and insomnia to joint pain and neck tension.
From feeling stuck to coping with PTSD.
Get out of pain and get your groove back.

I feel great and at home in my body for the first time ever. It’s really pretty amazing.

Caitlin F.




guided meditation


personal training


wellness coaching


Align & Shine exercise class


Not waking up every morning with back pain has been wonderful! Your instruction has been far more effective than any chiropractic care or gym workouts I’d done previously. Thank you!

David S.

Align & Shine Exercise Class

Ease aches and pains
Get centered

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(Don’t worry, we don’t jump like that in class.)

This first class was perfect. I feel my chest opening and my breath deeper. I have cleared my schedule to attend this class weekly. You are a wonderful teacher, using humor and gentle guidance.


Ann RP

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