Filmed while I was working as a health educator at a local hospital, these videos are multi-level, but skew towards beginners. Some are informative pep-talks.
I hope you find these helpful. For most, all you need is some floor space and a yoga mat. Many topics include an instructional version — to teach you the exercises — and a follow-along version.
20-minute program – instructional

A nice gentle daily work-out. Also a good injury prevention or rehab work-out for athletes.

20-minute workout – follow along
PNF patterns

Only one exercise on a deserted island? PNFs are mine. Improve dynamic balance, range of motion, and strength.

Deep core

Learn an effective technique for engaging your deepest abdominal muscles.

Newbie pep-talk

Things to keep in mind if you are new to working out, or getting back to working out.

Sit much?

Information and tips to help your body.

Recuperative program – 30 minutes

Great to do at the end of an exhausting and/or stressful day.

This video was inspired by some farmers who have been using my exercise videos to rehabilitate from the rigors of farming. I’m so happy to be able to support something I benefit from and love so much: local farms!

To improve your sleep, focus on the breathwork throughout the video. This will cue your parasympathetic nervous system to activate, setting you up for a fabulous night of sleep.

Intervals + strength + balance work
This is a nice 30 minute work-out. However production-value on this one is woefully low. Unfortunate shirt wrinkles, inaudible music, feet or hands chopped off. (And lets face it, I could use a stylist.) I wouldn’t have posted this, but it’s a good multi-level work-out.
Physioball workout – instructional

Only one piece of exercise equipment on a deserted island? I’d take a physioball.

Physioball workout – follow along
Standard rotator cuff exercises – instructional

(I’ve since developed a more dynamic, fun way to strengthen your shoulder joint.)

Rotator cuff exercises
Strength training – instructional

You need some weights for this one. If you don’t have weights, get creative with milk jugs or soup cans, or whatever you can hold and have two of.

Strength training – follow along
Foot/ankle love – instructional

Great foot and ankle strengtheners.

Foot/ankle love – follow along
Best exercise and getting started pep-talk

People often ask me what is the best work-out or exercise to do. Here’s my answer.

Chair and floor exercises

For if you prefer not to be on your feet (or can’t be), you can still work-out.

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