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Mirja Pitkin in red shirt, smiling, raising bent arm

My name is Mirja Pitkin

I help people address the obstacles keeping them from greater happiness and health.
EFT/tapping practitioner
dynamic anatomy expert
wellness coach
personal trainer
meditation coach
and more.

One of the most amazing things has been Mirja’s ability to motivate me… Mirja helped me troubleshoot what was getting in my way.

Mary M.

For almost 20 years, I have been working with people to improve their health and well-being.
A non-athletic, women’s studies major, I never dreamed my “temporary” gig as a personal trainer would develop into a deeply satisfying career. Instead of graduate school (the original plan), I kept working as a personal trainer, learning, and adding other certifications.
My studies have ranged from meditation to arthrokinematics (the movements of joint surfaces); from EFT/Tapping to ideokinesis (a powerful method for teaching movement); from energy work to behavior modification. The breadth of my knowledge enables me to use a truly integrated approach that addresses mind, body, and soul.
I love my work. It brings together so many of my skills and interests, including teaching, healing, problem solving and people. I love learning all about us human beings. I’m a total anatomy nerd, interested in everything from the cellular to the full body. Psychology is a long-standing interest, in particular, the psychology of habits and behavior. And I’m endlessly fascinated and awed by the energy body. The up-shot of all this is that I am passionately engaged with my work and thrilled to be useful.
I live with my husband, two boys, and some animals in Mid-coast Maine. I love reading, dancing, and knitting.

You have helped me so much. The breathing, the tapping, and meditating help me deal with stress better, sleep better, and cope with acute, on-going back pain from a recent fall.

I love your energy and how you motivate and inspire me. I can tell this is your passion.


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