From clients and class attendees

Private clients

Most of all I feel great and at home in my body for the first time ever. It’s really pretty amazing.

Catlin F.

One of the most amazing things has been Mirja’s ability to motivate me… Mirja helped me troubleshoot what was getting in my way.

Mary M.

In a single tapping session with Mirja, I gained more clarity than I had achieved during several years of counseling. Thanks to her insights and support, I was finally able to let go of my parents’ ashes in a meaningful ceremony and began to move forward. I felt lighter, freer, and calmer – and started making progress in other areas of my life that had also been stuck.

Vera M.

Not waking up every morning with back pain has been wonderful! Your instruction has been far more effective than any chiropractic care or gym workouts I’d done previously. Thank you! 

David S.

After a car accident 7 years ago, I suffered from debilitating neck and head pain. I tried many different therapies, including doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and healers, but nothing helped. I finally found relief when I started working with Mirja. I am no longer taking pain medication and have been pain-free for almost 2 years now.

I have continued to work with Mirja. Through body work, tapping, and her natural intuition, she has helped me to grow and taught me how to heal myself. I have been able to release negative thought patterns and emotions without re-living the trauma that caused them. I am a happier and healthier person today thanks to working with Mirja.

Abi C.

I have suffered from recurring shoulder pain for several years after an injury.  In the past, the only remedy I have found has been through intensive massage, and this has only resulted in temporary relief.  After spending 20 minutes with Mirja, she was able to get my shoulder blade back in to position and reduce the inflammation and pain.  I left with a trick to help the muscles relax which means I can reduce my pain at home without any help! I look forward to more session with Mirja.  Her knowledge of anatomy, tapping and energy healing combine to be an incredibly effective combination to help the body realign and heal.

Anna S.

I found Mirja’s coaching particularly helpful when incorporated with the tapping modality also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique. She really supported me in implementing the goals I was working on.

MWB, Belfast, ME

Align & Shine

This first class was perfect. I feel my chest opening and my breath deeper. I have cleared my schedule to attend this class weekly. You are a wonderful teacher, using humor and gentle guidance.

Ann RP

I love Align & Shine! I can’t recommend this class highly enough! I float out of the class feeling 5 inches taller. I seriously needed to adjust my rearview mirror when I got in the car last week!

Mirja uses visualizations that enable me to activate muscles and subtle movements I otherwise wouldn’t tap into.

Her keen knowledge of anatomy combined with her ability to lead participants more deeply into the mind-body connection creates a unique class that is both relaxing and healing.

Katie U.

Chronic tension on the side of my neck gone in one class! And I loved the tapping.


For 20 years, I’ve had shoulder pain that would often trigger tension headaches. I haven’t had a single headache since I started taking Align & Shine. My shoulders feel so much better.

Lisa L.

I measure 1/2″ taller since I started taking Align & Shine. I feel taller, too!

Vera M.


It is five months since the Women’s LYB workshop ended, and I am still taking better care of myself. It just seems to be happening organically.

Cheryl W.

Your Women’s LYB workshop helped me so much. The breathing, the tapping, and meditating help me deal with stress better, sleep better, and cope with acute, on-going back pain from a recent fall. And I was able to process some big feelings and let go of a lot of sadness.

I love your energy and how you motivate and inspire me. I can tell this is your passion.


Your last Sunday energy/ yoga class was perfect. I’ve been laughing and talking about the tapping mantra ever since.

Ann RP

Your workshop helped solidify tapping techniques and made them a part of my daily routine. I now practice tapping to launch a good night’s sleep from the start. I’m generally sleeping through the night now but if not, I just do another round of tapping and quickly fall back to sleep. Thank you!

Vera M.


I had to give a presentation to my colleagues and I HATE talking in front of people.  It’s a real fear of mine. I did your “The Grounding Cord” guided meditation, and it reduced my anxiety and helped me center myself so I didn’t spin out of control and panic. Thank you!  No matter where I am, I can access the meditations so they are a real godsend!

Karen K.