Heart & Soul

Cardio & Yoga

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Breathe hard.

Breathe deep.

Leave calm.

This class is on hold for now.


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Heart & Soul is a multi-level exercise class. It works for beginners, athletes, and everyone in between.
We start with a warm-up designed to optimize joint mobility and stability. Then we get our heart rate up with some cardiovascular intervals (you choose the right intensity for you). From there we transition onto our mats for yoga. We end with a meditation so you leave class more centered and calmer.

it’s comprehensive

    • including cardio, strength, stretching and core work

it’s holistic

    • including exercise, mindfulness, and stress-reduction

it’s good for your joints

    • with gentle strengthening across key joints

it keeps you agile

    • with a emphasis on range of motion and ease of movement
Align & Shine exercise class participant in work-out clothes seen from behind with arms overhead

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