Guided meditations to help you relax and rejuvenate. Some of these meditations contain tones to breath along to, which help put you into “rest and digest” mode.

I had to give a presentation to my colleagues and I HATE talking in front of people.  It’s a real fear of mine. I did your “The Grounding Cord” guided meditation, and it reduced my anxiety and helped me center myself so I didn’t spin out of control and panic. Thank you!  No matter where I am, I can access the meditations so they are a real godsend!

Karen K.


3-min at-your-desk meditation, which includes an ergonomics check-in.


This 15-minute guided relaxation includes an introduction to Constructive Rest Position. CRP enables you to relax more deeply than simply lying on your back. Of course, this mediation can be done in whatever position is most comfortable for you.

Breathe deep. Breathe deeper. This 15-minute meditation focuses on optimizing breathing.

This meditation focuses on energizing and opening your heart-center.

This 11:30 minute meditation has a technique for grounding your energy.

6-minute relaxation meditation

This 15-minute meditation comes from “The Inner Dance: A Guide to Spiritual & Psychological Unfolding” by Diane Mariechild. The final 5-minutes of this meditation has no talking, just the breathing tones.