Align & Shine exercise class

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Ease aches and pains

Get centered



$12/class suggested. Pay what you can.

I love Align & Shine! I can’t recommend this class highly enough! I float out of the class feeling 5 inches taller. I seriously needed to adjust my rearview mirror when I got in the car last week!
Mirja uses visualizations that enable me to activate muscles and subtle movements I otherwise wouldn’t tap into.
Her keen knowledge of anatomy combined with her ability to lead participants more deeply into the mind-body connection creates a unique class that is both relaxing and healing.

Katie U.

In Camden

By appointment at High Mountain Hall

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In Belfast

By appointment at the Belfast Dance Studio

For 20 years, I’ve had shoulder pain that would often trigger tension headaches. I haven’t had a single headache since I started taking Align & Shine. My shoulders feel so much better.

Lisa L.

it’s comprehensive

    • including strength, stretching, core work, and recuperative practices

it’s holistic

    • including exercise, mindfulness, and stress-reduction

it’s good for your joints

    • with gentle strengthening across key joints

it keeps you agile

    • with a emphasis on range of motion and ease of movement
Align & Shine exercise class participant in work-out clothes seen from behind with arms overhead

This first class was perfect, I feel my chest opening and my breath deeper. I have cleared my schedule to attend this class weekly. You are a perfect teacher, using humor and gentle guidance for correct posturing.

Ann RP

  • strengthen core, upper and lower body
  • address muscle tension and pain
  • relax and get centered
  • improve balance and joint stability
  • increase range of motion 
  • breathe deep
    Align & Shine is a multi-level exercise class. It works for beginners, athletes, and everyone in between. The only prerequisite is that you can lie on your back for 15 minutes.
    The exercises we do are subtle, more like yoga than weight-lifting. Although you will feel them and get benefit from your first class, it takes more than one class to fully master them. But, like yoga, they go deep and produce profound change.

Chronic tension on the side of my neck gone in one class! And I loved the tapping.


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